Thanksgiving Blues

I have a love hate relationship with Thanksgiving. I look at it as a blessing and a curse for those who are recovering from a food addiction such as myself. I absolutely love chilling with my loved ones and fellowshipping with friends. The depressing part is cooking lots of delicious entrees and side dishes and having to endure and be tempted with decadent desserts. The struggle is real! Pray for me please. I will NOT go down without a fight! ;)

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Today is day 3 for me and I am feeling GREEEAATTTT!!! I have to remind myself to prepare my meals because my thoughts are not of food anymore! It’s as though God has healed my food addiction OVERNIGHT!! Unbelievable, amazing, spectacular, all of those words still can not express just how wonderful I feel! I wish this for everyone, and it really is not as hard as we would like to think it is. See, this is a mental battle, 100 percent!! Once we come to grips with that, then the rest is easier. We have got to work on our mindset. I have to tell myself that the food does not automatically get into my mouth! I have to actually put it on a fork and put it there! When I think like that, the next sobering thought is, “wow, then I am deliberately killing myself then”. Sad, but true, and definitely a hard reality check. During this time of rebooting my journey, I am looking forward to finding different alternatives to the one thing that I know makes me happy, EATING! I am going to have to come up with other “comfort zones”, and that is really going to be challenging because food has been my best friend for over 30 years now. However, that kind of friend sucks, and it’s time to make new friends! Now that…that makes me happy!!! :)

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Yup, I’m finally ready, finally in that space of enough is enough! I’ve been on YouTube for two years and last night, I reached a very low point in my journey. I felt as though I had failed my supporters. I was willing to just stop with the videos until I lost a significant amount of weight. However, God had other plans for me! I woke up ON FIRE, more determined than ever to give my journey a fresh start. I’m going to start up a new road to recovery so to speak and I want you to come along for the ride! I’m going to REBOOT my weight loss journey. I’m starting over and not worrying about past failures, or disappointing people. I had a light bulb moment this morning when I decided that this will never work if I’m not doing this for myself! So far, for 37yrs, I’ve been doing this for everyone else. My husband has been the main reason for the last seven years if I’m truly being honest with myself. I want him to have a slim, sexy wife. I feel as though intimacy is hindered in some areas due to my weight and all I can think about at times, is how happier he would be if I was smaller. However, we have a great life, a great marriage and a GREAT sex life! I am setting myself up for failure, obsessing over these things. So today I’m going to focus on making the woman in the mirror happy, turning my daily frown when I look into the mirror, into a SMILE! Today is day one…

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Hi friends!! Long time no see! Well, my life has been super busy as usual, which is to be expected, being a wife and mom of 7! However, I miss blogging and making videos. I have to make time to do things that I enjoy so, I’m starting today! I am excited that after months of not taking any gym classes, I woke up yesterday morning and decided to try a zumba class again! As some of you may remember, I tried this about 6 months ago and had to stop after 10 minutes. Well, yesterday, I was able to complete the ENTIRE CLASS!! WHOOOHOO!! One full hour! I felt so proud, even though I struggled with some of the squats and jumps due to my knees. Hopefully as I continue to exercise and lose weight, my knees will get better. So, yesterday was a big day for me. I had been trying to work up the courage to go to this class for the last few months. This one in particular because the instructor also teaches the zumba aqua aerobics class that I do every now and again. It was all that and more! Great music, great dance moves and a great atmosphere! I am however paying the price today, I am so sore all over! That’s to be expected though, when you work muscles that you did not know even existed lol! I am resting today but that’s only because I’ve signed my daughters and I up for the 10AM zumba class tomorrow morning! :)

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The next best thing to Freshly squeezed Juice!

My Goodness! Where do I start? Okay, okay, let me contain my excitement! As most of you all know, I’ve been losing a lot of weight by juicing my fruits and vegetables. I strongly believe that juicing is the cure to obesity! With that in mind, I must admit that juicing is time consuming and expensive. One day I was in the Whole foods store, on the hunt for a suitable replacement, for days when I’m just way to busy to cut, slice, wash and prep veggies and fruit to put into my juicer! After all, I am a mother of 7 for goodness sakes! I ran across the Raaw foods juice line and decided to buy one. Cut to a week later, when after tasting such greatness, I wanted to know more about the company and their line of products. I reached out to the company and they graciously sent me a sample of each of the flavors. I thought that the Passion Fruit Wheat grass that I had purchased in Whole Foods was the, but surprisingly, that ranked almost LAST compared to the other flavors!! Unbelievable! My two favorites are the Strawberry Purple Carrot and the Carrot Lemonade! They are so good that you almost think that you are messing up on the juice fast! Even so, the taste of these drinks are important yes, but more importantly to me, is that they be Free of Genetically modified ingredients, gluten free, and vegan! They passed my test in all categories! I also love, LOVE the fact that they are made from carefully selected fruits and veggies and contain no added SUGARS or preservatives! I’m so happy to tell you that I used all of these juices during the last leg of my recent 10 day juice feast/fast, and lost an additional 5lbs! They totally replaced my normal breakfast and lunch juice blends, and gave me the energy I needed to power through my water zumba classes! When I felt weak, I would just head to the fridge and grab one and drink and instantly I would feel better! No time wasted prepping, cleaning and juicing! I want to add right now that you all KNOW that I’m a Christian and that I would never tell you guys a lie about anything! This review is my honest opinion, I was not told what to write. I will be using these juices for as long as this wonderful company continues to make them. I’ve already posted my joy with a picture of one of the juices on my instagram and twitter. I’ve even shared my juice with my 5yr old twins, and as picky as they are..they LOVED it! What a great healthy alternative to sodas and soft drinks! Please, I’ve been getting asked so many questions about juicing, go out and give this company a try, and let me know what you think! Or just tell me why you are interested in getting started juicing. If you are not ready to juice for days at a time, you could use these to replace a meal and be just fine! Also, go on over to their face book page and like it, and then tell them Mrsbabyfat sent you! Here is the link to their page, sorry I don’t know how to make it clickable on this blog, but just copy and paste it.

Just by doing those two things, liking their face book page and leaving me a comment here on this post, you will be entered into a giveaway for a prize package that will allow you to sample all of the juices for FREE! I will randomly select 3 winners by the end of next week to have samples of all of their flavors delivered right to your front door! Thanks to the amazing folks over at, this giveaway is made possible and with shipping is worth over 50 dollars!! The giveaway will end on September 7, 2012. I want to give all of my wonderful subscribers a chance to enter! Good luck to everyone!!:)

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Juicing, Day ONE

Well, today was day one of a 21 day juice fast, the operative word being WAS! I’m highly disapointed in myself because at approximately 7pm I caved in and ate terribly! It happened while I was cooking dinner for the kids and it was as though my hands had a mind of it’s own as it proceeded to feed my mouth handfuls of starchy food! I’m so disgusted, but I will press on. Tomorrow will be’s GOT to be better! I decided that I will be blogging a lot more for accountability this time around. I am SOOOOOOO close to finally being in the 300′s, but it’s getting harder the closer I get. Weird! You would think that me being only 20 lbs away from from my first mini goal, would make me push even harder, be even stronger! But Noooooo! Ugggh, sometimes I sit back and think is this all worth it? Why not just enjoy life and eat what I want like everyone else? And then I snap back into reality! Because God intened for my life to be better than this! Because my kids cry when they see me struggling up the steps or huffing and puffing as I try to catch up with the twins outside. They BEG me to not eat that last piece of cake or cookie. I’ve got to be the example and reverse the years of teriible eating habits that I’ve passed on to them. I know that juicing works, it’s my mind that I’ve got to get right! It’s a process I tell ya, but it’s one that I will work until the big payoff!~!:0

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The battle is not over!

I’m so extremely happy and blessed this morning! I just won a contest with my sister yesterday, where I lost the most percentage of weight! My starting weight was 444lbs and yesterday I weighed in at 420lbs!! AMAZING! She is 150 lbs lighter than me so I was very concerned about this contest being based on percentages verses pounds lost! She could have lost 12 lbs and beat me! But she didn’t and I walked away with the 50dollar prize!!

It’s bittersweet finally getting down to 420lbs. I feel like I’m so close to finally getting into the 300′s. However, I get a little sad when I think that it’s taken me over a year to lose 50lbs! I know, I know, be happy with that, BUT…this has lit a fire up under my butt!! I can’t let life just keep passing me by! It’s sad that it took a contest for money to make me eat right and stick with juicing! The thought of having to pay her fifty dollars when things are already tight for my family gave me laser focus! I want to have that kind of focus every day though! This truly is a wake up call for me! I promise myself that it will not take me a year to lose another 50lbs! I am going to show all of the people who criticize me for being too dramatic, taking so long to lose weight, etc, that this is real life and that eventually with hard work and determination and the will to continue fighting for the life God intended for me to have, I will OVERCOME this lifelong bondage of fat! Hallelujah!!

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Complications of being Fat!

If you follow me on YouTube(Mrsbabyfat), then you already know that I come and go in spurts! There are weeks where I’m very active on everything from this blog, twitter, face book, and even at one time telephone conferences with my YouTube subscribers! There are other times, like recently, where I kind of fall off because life is just so hectic! Recently I’ve gone through a couple of health scares. The first being that I have two nodules on the side of my lungs. The test and blood work reveal that as of now it’s not cancer or sarcoidosis, which the latter was highly suspected because my mother has it, which means my chances of getting it is automatically five times higher. Thank God that as of now the nodules appear to be benign. I will have a follow up exam in August. The second health scare was complications with my heart! I would have episodes of atrial fibrillation, where my heart would just speed up for no apparent reason and at times just stop and quiver. The real risk with that is that once the blood starts pumping again, it’s very likely that it could produce blood clots that could travel to the brain resulting in a stroke. So I was ordered to wear a heart monitor for a week and scheduled for an echo cardiogram to get multiple pictures of every section of my heart. Well, the GREAT news heart is “BEAUTIFUL”, according to the specialist(his exact words)!! He told me to keep doing whatever I am doing as of now to lose weight, which is incorporating a LOT of fresh organic produce!! Thank you Jesus! I was so worried about heart damage and enlargement. Also the results of the heart monitor was great as well! So, that leaves my Doctor baffled but me, I’m starting to see the light. See, I’ve stopped eating chicken, ice cream and cheese recently, and today is day two of a juice feast. A few weeks ago I was having back to back chest pain, and in and out of a-fib. Once I eliminated that junk, and starting putting in organic goodness, I’ve not had an episode for over a week now! I’m so excited, I don’t know what to do! I would go to sleep at night thinking that I would not wake up because my heart was beating so fast, and now I sleep like a baby! I guess the message that I want to give to you all today is number one, trust God to give you some wake up calls when you continuously abuse your body! Number two, trust God to give you the tools that you need to heal the body that you abused! And last but not least, value your life enough to USE the tools that God freely gives to ALL of us to live in a body free from pain and diseases! Start incorporating fresh organic fruits and vegetables today, and ween yourself off of the diseased animals that the FDA are allowing the public to eat! Let’s vow to leave the processed, genetically modified food alone as much as possible!! Are you with me??:)

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No Excuses!!

I’m really starting to finally believe that excuses. It took me some time, but I am learning to embrace it for the first time in my life! I’ve been secretly full of excuses for 36 yrs now! Here are a few;I’m fat because it’s in my genes; I gave birth to 6 kids; I am addicted to sweets; God never intended on me being skinny; you’ve got to die one day, why not die happy; what if I lost all the weight and then died in some kind of accident anyway! The list goes on and on and on. Honestly, you probably know what I’m talking about. What are some of your excuses? Are you ready to let them go? Someone told me on my YouTube page that I will not lose weight right now because I’m not “desperate enough”. I thought about it and I must say that I agree to some extent. If I knew for sure that I would die in a week if I did not eat and exercise perfectly the entire week, then guess what, I would eat and exercise perfectly for the entire week!! I don’t want to wait for something bad to happen for me to get serious! There really is no excuse for me to continue to live the way that I have. Its my choice to put those foods into my mouth, and definitely my choice not going to the gym every day when I have a paid membership, gas in the car and I don’t work right now! This is going to be my year, I promise! I’m claiming a 150 lb loss in the name of Jesus! He died for our sins so that we would have no more excuses for sin, and overeating and not taking care of his temple is a sin, plain and simple. Everyday from now on I’m going to get up and write on my mirror, No Excuses! Come on, are you with me? Why don’t you do it too!! Let’s get healthy together! Join me on and let’s encourage each other to log in our exercise and our food! Let’s hold each other accountable! Let the rest of this year, as a matter of fact, the rest of your life, be a No Excuses existence! We are strong, intelligent, beautiful women! Wonderfully, and carefully made! It’s nothing that we can not do when we put our minds to it! I’m so ready you guys, soooo….let’s go!!! :)

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What you need to know about a Juice Cleanse!!

I’ve been getting a LOT of questions about what is juicing, how to juice, how much to juice, what to juice, have you done the master cleanse, blueprint diet, is juicing really a cleansing of the body, etcetera, etcetera! I’ve been a little overwhelmed with so many questions and even though I’ve tried to answer them all, I know that some people have not gotten a response just because it’s not enough time in the day for me, lol. So I’ve done some additional research and I’ve found a website that gives a clear, concise report on all of the different types of cleanses! It’s called A GUIDE TO COMMON CLEANSES, and I’ve read through it and I find it to be very helpful, hopefully you will too! Let me know what you think, here is the link:

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